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True Religion Jeans the age-

"The word hanif (pl. hunafa) is derived from hanf, which means an inclination in the forepart in the foot or inversion from the foot. Someone possessing this distortion with the foot is called ahnaf. The singular word hanif occurs 10 occasions inside the Koran (2:135, 3:67, 95; four:125, 6:79, 161; ten:105, 16:120,123, 30:30), plus the plural hunafa two instances (22:31, 98:5). It happens when as a synonym of muslim (three:67) and also in juxtaposition with all the verb aslama (4:125). The exegetes
from the Koran say that hanif within the age of ignorance signified an Arab adhering towards the religion of Abraham and that title was also claimed by idolaters who only observed specific rites of that religion, which include pilgrimage to Mecca and circumcision. The verb tahannuf implies pure exercising of religion in the pagan period.

The word hanif is applied inside the Koran to describe one who adheres to pristine monotheism. It's a descriptive name within the Koran for Abraham, and for those ahead of Islam who by the purity and uprightness of their nature didn't succumb to paganism and polytheism. The hunafa amongst Abraham plus the time in the Prophet had been therefore the faithful representatives of your Abrahamic tradition in the course of the age of ignorance.

The Koranic prototype in the ideal hanif is Abraham: "Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, rather he was a hanif" (3:67). Thus, the hanifiyah was the faith of Abraham. Hanif is consequently a single inclining to a suitable state or tendency. The word is usually talked about in connection not only with all the name of Abraham, however the Prophet and his followers are also enjoined to become hanif. It appears to signify firmness in sticking for the ideal state, and has reference for the inclining to error on the part of each the Jews plus the Christians: "Say: Nay (we adhere to) the religion of Abraham, the hanif (upright), and he was not one particular from the polytheists" (two:135), "And who features a far better religion than he who submits himself completely to God? And he is the doer of good and follows the faith of Abraham, the upright (hanif), and God took Abraham as a friend" (four:125), "Surely Abraham was an exemplar, obedient to God, upright (hanif), and he was not of the polytheists" (16:120), and "Say: God has spoken the truth, hence adhere to the religion of Abraham, the upright (hanif), and he was not one particular from the polytheists" (3:95). The Koranic Prophet as well, is required to grow to be a hanif by setting his face upright towards the true religion (10:105), along with the exact same demand can also be imposed on the rest with the men and women (22:31, 98:five).

Amongst the well-known seekers on the Abrahamic hanifi religion, who are stated to possess lived in pre-Islamic Mecca were Waraqa bin Naufal, Ubaidulla bin Jahsh, Uthman bin al-Huwayrith and Zaid bin Amr bin Nufayl, Umayya bin Abi Salt, Quss bin Sa'idah, and so forth.

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