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Louis Vuitton Epi leather purses series is loved by most of office ladies. It sounds as if the series purse is a bit more suited to business occasions. However, maybe nor is always that. Then first let us begin with the basic characters from the series purses.

Firstly, when it comes to style, Louis Vuitton monogram canvas series purse is quite loved by nearly all of people because of the classic pattern of iconic monogram and its practicality and
sturdiness. The Louis Vuitton monogram vernis series purse is liked by a number of people for the elegant curve, glossy and classy appearance. However, Louis Vuitton Epi leather series purse is loved for the concise, implicative and low-key features. Basically it really is in tote style, less logo and theLV logo usually are at the lower right corner. We do start to see the type of Epi leather bags that differ from other Louis vuitton bag based on the information.

Secondly, with regards to material, in comparison to classic monogram canvas, the Epi leather has been superiority leather material. Inspired by the grained leather utilized by Louis Vuitton from the 1920s, the process of making an Epi leather bag is very precise and complicated. First, the leather is tanned with plant extracts, then deep-dyed. Moreover, the special coloring on the top from the grain makes all the purse have unique tone. Depending on these reasons, the Epi leather purse is incredibly durable also it can be carried for several years.

Thirdly, with regard to color, earlier version Epi leather purses come in black, deep purple and ivory mainly. It appears to be to mirror its low-key character also. In recent years, theLVdesigners start being active . new colors like red, cassis, green and blue etc. Basically except black and ivory, the purses for some other colors will not be an easy task to get as a result of many reasons. The adding of various colors actually makes Epi purses may be carried for not only office occasion, but in addition the vast majority of occasions.

After learning the information above, maybe your more concern is when to pick a layout of suitable Louis Vuitton Epi leather bag. These several types of classic Epi leather purse can provide some tips.

|1. The style number M5931M purse in red is really a typical city bag. The elegant curve causes it to become look chic and classy. Moreover, it is just right to hold solutions. So it is an ideal companion for everyday use. Another style M5904J purse in ivory is a great choice for spring summertime. Large size makes all the bag have the ability to hold laptop and files. It is perfect for business use. Furthermore, the fashionable shape also causes it to become well suited for most of occasions.

|2. The M59222 may be the reinterpretation of classic Louis vuitton speedy 30 purses. The sophisticated Epi leather adds noble and stylish elements towards the style bag, so that it is manage to be used because of not only casual occasions, and also business occasions along with other important moments.

|3. The M40447 in prune may be the perfect combined the form of classic Louis vuitton Alma and Epi leather material. The purse in prune looks very feminine, elegant and stylish. Moreover, it may easily match the outfits. You can carry the style bag for business use, travelling, shopping and party etc.

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