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Ralph Lauren - the company behind your favorite polo shirt and khaki America - pledged at the weekend, the form, it is to develop a 2014 Winter Olympics in the statement of the spread of the United States may be less than 48 hours came to the Legislature raised the noise in the fashion Learn Athletes in this month's Games in London will be open for participation in the style of clothes per cent - complete with Basque caps and socks - made in a gesture of China.In bit inexperienced, but well-intentioned, has developed a group of Democrats on the bill last week that would require the National Olympic Committee U.S. to create a form in this year here. Finally, the unemployment rate was 8.2 percent in June, according to U.S. Department of Labor, only 147,300 jobs in manufacturing, when clothing was 10 years ago, 350,000.

"I think the Olympic Committee should be ashamed of," Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid (NV) speaks of Ralph Lauren clothes. "I think I should be ashamed. I think they should all wear uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again." On Monday morning, Xinhua news agency said the dispute, saying that American policy makers behave blasphemous when it comes to the Olympic spirit, "which is supposed to separate sports from politics." While I realize this is an exercise in consumption of patriotism, I hope we see the biggest problem is that fashion is not in contact with the daily sacrifice Americans.Although Lauren Ralph Olympic shape - square-blazers in the Marine pants, shoes and hard valuable and white, are just bad - it went to an estimated selling price of $ 1500 for an ensemble of women, and $ 2,000 for men, an example of how bad suction.

Of course, this type of elitism that was high fashion is always growing, so that "this" must-have bags and jeans for $ 150. It also does not account for much of the population - the blind plus size women and insulted the colors - and most Americans, including politicians, not even an instant goal the production of threads made. In America, touched the nerve, because it might affect everyone: Over the past 20 years, we have unwittingly become a nation filled with racks of clothes from abroad. Now, finally, in the style to take care of your clothes from.Let where is the big logo, Pony begins to flow. This oversized version of the Polo Ralph Lauren logo embossed on the chest recently discovered form of the Olympic Games in London for our American athletes. Tick ??the commercial, everything?

In fact, it is more than big explosions and the American flag, decorated with Olympic rings on his chest right. This is a huge pony.Ralph Lauren said his Olympic single "very classic, very elegant," return to tradition. Well, they're smart and ultra-American, small enough to hail Andover, you're in the summer of 1980, Nantucket, with a touch of Thurston Howell III. They even included a polo collar. I love these huge them.Except logos, big gulp sized vacuum initial objection to the Polo pony, all claim to classicism or Ryan Lochte elegance.On, dark double-breasted blue blazer blue at the opening ceremony, a large pony will be seen from the view is. But the recognition of the American flag and ring the Olympics requires a telescopic vision. Summer associated with the "Big Pony collection with the proceeds of our successful partnership between sports, such as the Olympics, the United States related

Garros and Wimbledon, "the spokesman said, how do I know if someone has any questions that are raised in the draft that the purchase of jackets, and $ 795 in stores selection of Ralph Lauren,, Bloomingdales, Macy's, TeamUSAShop. com and the team has asked U.S. companies, and the house in the U.S., in London. There is also a big towel Pony ($ 60), Big Pony berets ($ 55), ponies, Zip Up Jacket ($ 165) and several other Ralph Lauren U.S. Olympic products . In fact, there are no more only the athletes in this collection of Ralph Lauren. said a spokesman for the whole shebang, you can also sale.It, putting photos of your favorite athletes in Ralph Lauren chic uniforms.Lochte download, if it's not a disaster, the top male model, the game will be masked with ABS in the fleshy Big Pony Mesh Polo ($ 145). player Hands Heather Heidi Klum is likely to command the United States.

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