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the Municipal Public Security Bureau audit

Wei 's settlements , downstairs is quite a few restaurants, city Inn , 24 - hour convenience stores , transportation shopping is very convenient . Mr. Wei said he rented the three bedroom rent of 1200 yuan / month , three individuals sharing down to 400 yuan per capita , to live two years , the landlord is also more well-intentioned , never raise prices . There is no need to buy a house , just the weekend to the Xuanwu District sojourn , the weekend will return to the Drum Tower, getting ready for work . Wei I have an account, more than 5000 dollars, and will continue for this year plus interest , mortgage costs will only increase . Wei felt that rent or buy , own the house habit , and freed up money, discretionary investment business , or enjoy life , nothing wrong with renting . For more information , so stay tuned Liao ribs official website or call the national toll-free hotline . age of 14 years abroad (Habitat), issued by their parents or guardians agree to prove. 8, other persons, other reasons to apply to go abroad, with the exception provided by the examination of the ID card, household thin copy (or proof of residence) and to fulfill the application procedures, exemption from other relevant supporting materials (individual The public security organ considers it necessary to provide an exception). (5) provinces temporary staff bid for passport temporary residence in the foreign-funded enterprises, foreign offices, more than 1 year of continuous work in mixed-ownership enterprises from other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) personnel, due to the enterprise business needs to go abroad, make an application by the applicant to the Exit-Entry Administration of the temporary residence of the county public security organs, the Public Security Bureau management audit of the city (prefecture) and sent a letter to their permanent residence (city) level entry and exit administrative departments of public security organs after an investigation into the reply, and then for approval. (vi) the passport is valid, extension, renewal, to reissue 1 passport valid for 5 years, can be extended twice, each time not more than five years. 2, the bearer in the passport valid for six months can apply for an extension, no need to submit supporting materials. 3, the extension of passports in the country, the original issuing authority or account the local public security bureau entry-exit administrative department in charge; I embassies in foreign countries, consular post. 4, passport visa page, used up, or of substandard quality, or damaged, or an extension can not be extended for a further two times, apply to the licensing authority or to apply for renewal. Which damage to apply for renewal, three months after the date of acceptance to the permit renewal procedures. 5, possession of a passport in the country, lost, made the public security organs was reported missing to prove, and in the newspapers designated by the newspaper statement, the original authority for replacement (to be accepted the day of three months from the rear to the replacement) . Lost in a foreign country, certificates and newspaper access to the relevant departments of the country reported missing after I embassies, consulates and apply for a replacement. (vii) certificates issued, fees 1 citizens going on private business abroad (Habitat) to bid for the licenses, the Ministry of Public Security to implement the prefecture-level public security organ for approval, the provincial public security authorities to focus on the creation, issuance of licenses. Therefore, the passport of the city's bid to host the provincial public security department centralized in Hangzhou creation, issuance, the applicant may choose to postal courier. 2, according to the National Treasury account price [2000] 293, [2003] 1097, as stipulated, the new version of the passport fee adjustment for 200 yuan, due to loss replacement fees doubling, 400 yuan; version between way permit fees are adjusted to 100 yuan each. (h) apply to visit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan the program applicant to obtain a Security Bureau issued a run the lettering industry hold higher authorities approved the file, the application to the County Public Security Bureau, the county, the Municipal Public Security Bureau audit, after the approval of the provincial Public Security Bureau, the county Public Security Bureau issued Special Trade License run pawnshpersonal business, subject to the hotel opened in the township (town) governments, neighborhood offices and approved holding the document of approval apply to the county public security bureau, the safety review and approval of the County Public ops, application to operate the hotel industry shall be subject to approval. Including Sino-foreign joint venture (cooperation) operate subject to the county foreign trade management department for approval; cooperative business or

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